The Municipality of Bani is graced with rolling hills and mountains and the sea (South China Sea) that in Spanish could be fondly referred to as MONTEMAR. In Barangay Colayo are the Nalsoc Cave, Abot Aso Cave, Nangadiyan Cave, and the Dumaloy Cave, and in its coastal areas are the Surip Beach in Sitio Olanen, Barangay Dacap Sur and Tobong Beach. Added to these natural tourist attractions is the wonder of Baliwangga Falls in Barangay Ranao. Finally, atop of the rolling hills is the scenic view of lowland barangays overlooking the Hundred Islands in Lucap, Alaminos, the pride of the Province of Pangasinan

The existing natural and man-made tourist spots in Bani are as follows:

Pakwan Festival

Dubbed as the Watermelon Capital of the Philippines, the Municipality of Bani holds its annual Watermelon or Pakwan Festival every last week of January to celebrate and give thanks to the Almighty God for the bounteous harvest of watermelons and other agricultural products. Watermelons from Bani are famous to its sweetness and crispiness not only in the country but even abroad. The weeklong festivities highlight the colorful and Street Dancing Competition, Agri-trade Fair featuring the different variety and unique features of watermelons and other agricultural products produced by the farmers in the Municipality.

Bangrin Marine Protected Area

One of the famous eco-tourism destinations in Bani, the Bangrin Marine Protected Area is a 42.25 hectare mangrove forest and home for 53 species of migratory and indigenous birds. The area is one of the 13 bird watching sites in the Philippines identified by the Department of Tourism. Aside from bird watching, it also offers board walking, forest adventure, boat paddling, fishing and gleaning of shells to local and foreign visitors. Bangrin had been a home to photography enthusiasts to capture interesting subjects and hold pre-nuptial and debut photo shoots. Bangrin is located in Barangays Aporao and San Miguel, Bani.

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Olanen Beach (Dacap Sur, Bani). It is a long white sand beach with crystal clear water . It is about a 30 minute-ride from the town proper.


The Tubong Beach is located at the southern part the Olanen in Barangay Dacap Sur.


Surip. It is an ideal spotfor scuba diving, snorkeling and recreational fishing. Different species of tropical fishes and lobsters abound this area. Surip is located at the westernmost part of the municipality along the South China Sea

Nalsoc Cave

Nalsoc Cave(Colayo, Bani). It is a subterranean river which empties into the South China Sea passing through miles of natural archway of stalactites and stalagmites. This natural wonder has been included in the tourist manuals of Europe.

Angel Cave

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Baliwangga Falls

Baliwanga Falls (Ranao,Bani). This 'Philippine Canyon', which is only a seven-minute walk from the Ranao Elementary School, commands a depth of a thousand feet and descends from a waterfall.

Bani is noted for its version of Calvary Hill with a 1,000 step "VIA CRUSIS" leading to a gigantic cross. The Redeemer's Cross is perched on a plateau overlooking the South China Sea. This was a project of the late Doña Segundina Enriquez Navarro, beloved spouseof the late Mayor Marcelo C. Navarro. "Where once the gun ruled, let now the Holy Cross rule", she said. The annual Archdiocesan Penitential Pilgrimage every Holy Tuesday was first held in 1975 and continues to the present day, drawing thousands of pilgrims from Pangasinan and other provinces and a few from the USA, Canada and Europe.

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