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Bangon Bani translates the town's vision into action zones. These action zones are then translated into specific programs and projects united in one theme, that is to raise the standard of living of the constituents of Bani.

The Bangon Programs aim to provide access to quality health service and education, develop and nurture economic centers through agriculture and tourism while protecting its resources and natural beauty.

Bangon Kalusugan

Health services will be extended down to the barangays. Services will be available to the citizens who have the difficulty to go to the town center and avail free medical services from the rural health center. This will be possible thru the establishment of health centers in every barangay as well as improving programs for the barangay health workers. Furthermore, medicine supply and medical equipment will be upgraded to achieve the full potential of the RHU. In addition, the ambulance will undergo regular maintenance for emergency situations.

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Bangon Edukasyon

            We believe that children are this town’s future so it is just to provide them the proper education they deserve. We aim to provide these children comfortable classrooms that are conducive for learning thus pushing for more classroom construction and upgrade of learning materials. We will also monitor and update the nutritional profile of elementary students.

Additionally, we will continue to support the teaching staff of the town by supporting them in their various seminars and workshops.

We will also continue to provide scholarships and enhance the existing scholarship program for the indigent students.

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Bangon Imprastruktura

            Infrastructure projects will be given to the barangays who are in urgent need of these developments like the construction and renovation of various road lines. We will also take into consideration what the barangay has to offer to the development of the whole town like their farming areas and tourism spots.

Rehabilitation of our public market, public toilets in the plaza, children’s park, installation of streetlights, construction of the municipal cemetery, covered court and auditorium, evacuation centers, drainage system at municipal streets, bridges, development of potable water and irrigation facilities and annual road maintenance are some of the agenda for infrastructure development.

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Bangon Agrikultura

            As a town where agriculture is the main source of livelihood, we will push for more farm-to-market road constructions to increase their crop production and decrease their losses. Construction of additional SWIPs (Small Water Impounding Project) will also be implemented to enhance field irrigation.

During lean months, fertilizer and seed subsidy will also be given to the farmers. Use of organic fertilizer will also be introduced to improve their produce.
Seminars and workshops will also be conducted for proper animal dispersal, livestock production and reviving farmer cooperatives.

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Bangon Kalikasan

            The municipality will be active in spearheading different tree planting and clean-up activities to improve the town’s aesthetic value. We will encourage the promotion of barangay nurseries and regulate tree cutting activities.

We will continue improve our marine protected areas by planting more mangrove saplings.

We will strengthen our existing Solid Waste Management (SWM) plan to regulate and minimize our garbage disposals by encouraging households to segregate and provide their trash bags and regulating landfill garbage disposal.

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Bangon Munisipyo

The municipal hall, as the town’s heart, will undergo renovations to improve its aesthetic value as well as to expand the workplace of the employees as well as the improvement of the municipal hall frontage and construction of the municipal hall parking space.

Easier access to activities and services of the municipality will be promoted through various text lines and social media platforms like Facebook and Yahoo Mail.

Upgrading of the staffing pattern in the local government, incentive programs for the employees, development of human resource development plan and score card system and organizing of teambuilding activities are in the agenda to improve the service of the local government.

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Bangon Seguridad

            The members of the police force will be mobilized to safeguard the peace and order of the town by constant patrolling in the different streets and barangay and to ensure the arrest and prosecution of notorious criminals or offenders.

Due to the increasing typhoon occurrences, disaster risk reduction management plans will be strengthened by conducting annual drills on evacuation center and trainings seminars and workshops geared towards providing basic life support and proper emergency situation protocols.

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Bangon Kahirapan

            We will fight poverty by giving every citizen the opportunity to develop their skills by providing them with different trainings on livelihood and entrepreneurship that will ensure their employment both locally and abroad.

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Bangon Turismo

            The municipality is endowed with various natural resources that we will be focusing to protect and develop for the growth of ecotourism. We will look for investors and developers to assist us in achieving this goal. Together with various national line agencies, we will formulate plans to protect these resources. We will create a tourism office and train various service providers.

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